About Me

Like anybody else, I just love games and any and every new game, I have always fancied. Initially, games were just the video games wherein and at the most, the most interesting game of the olden days was Mario wherein we got to move the characters through various different levels and cross through many new challenges to reach the final point. And even now people remember this game amidst the other advanced games because it was really a pioneer in the gaming industry and I would even vouch and say that it was with this that the gaming industry started gaining momentum. It was after this game that we started expecting more such games and of course today we have lots in the basket.

There are in fact more interesting games than this too like the Foosball which is a real soccer type game played on tables. Yes, it is just a replica of the football that is being played on grounds. I just love playing this game and it gives me the real feel of playing for my team on the grounds. Of course, it is through the miniatures that we play this game but all the movements, decisions and instructions are all given by us to the respective side of the table and the main aim of the game is to pocket the ball on the opponents court for 5 times. This is one very interesting game that has no age bars and can be played by anybody anywhere. Like any other game I do not know if there would be an online version for this too but readers, understand the fun in playing this is on the tables and not on the keypads. So get to know this, understand this and start your gaming venture and it's going to be real fun.

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